Red List of Eastern Mediterranean Freshwater Fisches


This IUCN report and accompanying dataset on the status and distribution of freshwater biodiversity in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the associated report and data on the Freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas in the wider Mediterranean Basin represent major advances in provision of information to help incorporate biodiversity needs into water development planning processes within an Integrated River Basin Management framework.

Freyhof, J. F. G. Ekmekçi, A. Ali, N. R. Khamees, M. Özuluğ, N. Hamidan, F. Küçük & K.. G. Smith. 2014. Chapter 3. Freshwater fishes, 19-42. In: Smith, K. G., V. Barrios, W. R. T. Darwall & C. Numa  ](Editors). 2014. The status and distribution of freshwater biodiversity in the Eastern Mediterranean. Cambridge, UK, Malaga, Spain and Gland, Switzerland: IUCN. xiv+132pp.

Freshwater KBAs

Darwall, W., S. Carrizo, C. Numa, V. Barrios, J. Freyhof & K. Smith. 2014. Freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas in the Mediterranean Basin Hotspot. Infoming species conservation and development planning in freshwater ecosystems. IUCN, Cambridge, UK and Malaga, Spain.Available here

While the Mediterranean basin biodiversity hotspot is well known for its globally important biodiversity, its freshwater biodiversity has not been as widely recognized for its importance. Through this project, freshwater key biodiversity areas (KBAs) have now been identified, mapped and validated throughout much of the Mediterranean hotspot. It is now important to raise awareness of their status as validated freshwater KBAs and to develop plans for appropriate conservation actions at these sites, as this biodiversity is highly threatened largely due to the conflicting demands upon a diminishing supply of fresh water which is further exacerbated by the increased severity of drought across the region.

Red List of Arabian Freshwater Fishes

Garcia, N., I. Harrison, N. Cox  & M. F. Tognelli (compilers). 2015. The Status and Distribution of Freshwater Biodiversity in the Arabian Peninsula. Gland, Switzerland, Cambridge, UK and Arlington, USA: IUCN.

Freshwater habitats and biodiversity in the Arabian Peninsula are unique and highly valued for the essential role they play in people's survival, as well as that of its native flora and fauna. This project aims to provide an accurate picture of the present conservation status and distribution of Arabian freshwater species, as well as to identify the main threats that affect them and action requirements for their successful long term conservation. We expect this document to guide conservation planning and represent an important step in building capacity for Red Listing and the identification of priority areas for conservation action in the region.

Handbook of European Freshwater Fishes

Handbook of European Freshwater FishesKottelat, M. & Freyhof, J. 2007. Handbook of European Freshwater Fishes. Kottelat, Cornol and Freyhof, Berlin, xiv + 646 pp.

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European Red List of Freshwater Fishes

Freshwater Fishes of North Africa and the Middle East Freyhof, J. & Brooks, E. 2011. European Red List of Freshwater Fishes. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 61 pp.

This Red List can be downloaded from the IUCN site.