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European Redlist of Freshwater Fishes

Freshwater Fishes of North Africa and the Middle East Freyhof, J. & Brooks, E. 2011. European Red List of Freshwater Fishes. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 61 pp.

Handbook of European Freshwater Fishes

Handbook of European Freshwater FishesKottelat, M. & Freyhof, J. 2007. Handbook of European Freshwater Fishes. Kottelat, Cornol and Freyhof, Berlin, xiv + 646 pp.

Freshwater Fishes of North Africa and the Middle East

Freshwater Fishes of North Africa and the Middle East Freyhof, J., et al. Freshwater fishes of North Africa and the Middle East. (In prep)

Scientific publications

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