Pseudophoxinus egridiri

Pseudophoxinus egirdiri malePseudophoxinus egirdiri female

Male (above) and female of Pseudophoxinus egirdiri in nuptial coloration.

This tiny and attractive cyprinid is endemic to Lake Egirdir basin in Central Anatolia, where it is very abundant in a large spring at the lake side. My stock is in the fourth generation in captivity; the original individuals had lived for three years but other made it to five years. This species matures with one year and most individuals spawn only three years and then become senescent. Therefore, I breed this species each year at least in small quantities. They spawn in dense vegetation and as I never see them spawning, I suspect they spawn at dust or dawn. Adult females spawn 2-3 times between late April and September. Juveniles grow fast and start spawning in August or September in their second summer. I have breed this species in various containers between 600 and 200 Liter without problems. Adults prey intensively on their larvae, especially in containers with little shelter. It is usually enough to isolate the free swimming larvae from the adults. Few young grow up along with their parents at least in my tanks which are usually full of plants and algae. Juveniles have been given to several enthusiasts already.


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